Whether you are developing an operating system, a single application or a suite, an Intranet solution, or you need ideas for where to go with your company or your current products, we may very well be able to help expand your options and focus your direction.

Though we have a thorough understanding of the current technological environment, we are not tied to any specific platform, media or tool set.


We may consult on your product developments, and to review current products. We are also happy to work on a retainer, which will allow us to work with the industry to see your product integrated as thoroughly as possible. If you see our services fitting a different need in your business cycle, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.


We are about providing users with a more fluid work environment. That's our bottom line. Please contact us for an informal chat, via IRC, phone or face to face.


Together we can liquidize the world!



..."you've got to start with the customer experience and work back to the technology - not the other way around."
Steve Jobs (speaking at Apple's WWDC 1997
MacWeek Online Friday 16 May 1997)

Concept flat screen display with two speakers which can become a slate computer. Hey, why not?


"The most powerful computer is the one people actually use"
Apple TV commercial





Academy97 ~ We are co-developers for, the premiere online learning environment. It even includes an online Java compiler!

Applications ~ Currently, we only have one application product, project named 'Informer'. It is not yet released, though we are very excited about it. It is a Java based, spacialy as well as temporally aware calendar which does intelligent notifications and hunts out events to schedule them for you automatically (yes, really!).

Web Site Enhancement Modules ~ Developed jointly with N-ARY.

Web Presence ~ Are are happy to provide you with a web presence; site architecture planning, graphic design, domain registration and hosting. Our fees here are very competitive. As with all our work, it's about simple navigation of information, not about fancy expensive graphics which just gets in your visitors way.

Correspond ~ This is a big one. It'll change the way you work with News Groups. Watch this space for details...

Please contact us for more information.