Online Personalized Bookmarks
Lets the user create bookmarks for anywhere in your site, down to the paragraph level, which you can use to customize the users experience.

Server based chat system which is 100% http, meaning no firewall trouble. Clients can access it via a Java applet or through straight HTML. It can also hook into IRC channels.

Discussion Forum
A nice a simple news group which can synch with mailing lists and UseNet groups.

Site To Database
A system which uploads your entire site to a database which then allows better searching and display of results as well as frameset combination spawning

Online Java Courses
Ready to welcome you to the world of Java, at your own pace.

Quote Generator, Random Link and Guest book.

Site Analysis; World Map
A world map which darkens and lightens areas in concert with user defined variables.

Site Analysis; Site Map
A graphical hierarchical overview of your site. Pages are represented by screen shots which changes size depending on user set criteria. Links are shown as lines with different densities, also reflecting user set criteria. Shows exit pages too.

Site Analysis; Graph
A simple graph showing two variables mapped against each other.


All products are £500.