Media Integration Control Panel comment

Any information which enters your computer, or which your computer can access, should be accessible through any media. Your computer should be able to analyze the information and process some of it for you, and if need be, forward it to you, again, through any media that's necessary.



Incoming faxes should automatically be OCR'd and analyzed, along with your e-mail and voice processed phone messages to determine whether to send a standard appropriate reply, or to forward it to you if you are away from your machine, and the information/message is found to be urgent. If you're the one sending the message, you could choose to issue commands to the machine, ask it questions or request information. You could of course contact it through any medium .We're talking an all media Claris Emailer on steroids.

But we won't need AI. Setting up the computer to handle routing of information should be done simply by setting a couple of pop-up menu options through a Media Access Control Panel.

And it should be easy. There should be one application or control panel where you, by clicking on pop up menus, can create simple flow charts for how you want you computer to flow your information. It can be extremely simple, where you click on an "incoming" pop-up icon, choose e-mail, go to the action icon which will give you options for forward, where you in the next pop-up icon choose the medium, or store only, which will be the default setting, to conditional forward, which will give you a little dialog box where you, through cool pop-up icons can easily set things such as; if any incoming message has the name Terri as sender, and urgent in the subject box or intro paragraph or as one of the first few words in a phone message, forward it to me through all mediums available.


All you ought need is two 'control panels'; one to set up security so that you can access your machine and ask it to do anything, through any medium, from anywhere, and one to set up how it should handle incoming communications on its own. Here's an illustration of how the latter might look:

A SIMPLE WAY TO FILTER COMMUNICATIONS. This is a proposal to what the dialog box where you would enter new 'actions' would look like.

The 'New Criteria' pop up would let you choose a new criteria which would then automatically go into the list in it's appropriate place to maintain a logical progression of criteria. Empty criteria boxes are simply ignored.

The design is taken from Claris Emailer, which does much of what we propose here, except this is of course for all media, not just e-mail.



"Wherever you go, you're connected to all your information, and all the people you correspond with, though the "Media Access Control Panel®!"



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