Desktop Laptop comment

"Each part be true to itself"... Here we go again.

The desktop laptop. We all dream of a combination desktop and laptop. A machine which is light enough to carry around and powerful enough and comfortable enough (ergonomically) to use full time.

With the new G4 PowerBook (laptops) the power is there. For most people at least.

All we need is the ergonomics of a desktop. In other words, a moveable screen which is not so far down you get a neck-ache looking at it and which is connected to the keyboard so you can't move that around much either.

Now here's the idea: A screen which can be taken of and connected to a stand (very much like the iMac's) and a single, large plug which connects all the ports (including video, not illustrated here) to a base which may also have a backup hard drive etc. the laptop can now be used like a keyboard and the screen is no longer tied to the desk.

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