Desktop Computing comment

What is it Steve says: "Each part be true to itself"... The design shown here has been on the site for years now. The 2002 iMac is brilliant so the only point here is the next step (in this authors mind) of allowing the screen to be moveable to the point where the keyboard can be hidden.

The fliptop desktop: Very similar to the iMac in functional terms, though the iMac does look a whole lot better. The thing is this design expects the keyboard to sometimes be unwanted so that you can slide it under the screen. Mind you, this design is quite a few years old.

Imagine an iMac where instead of a round solid mass, it allows you to put the keyboard under it. Hey, it would almost be like having an information appliance at times :-)   Yes, this design is more extreme and doesn't actually have the CPU (kudos Apple!), but do you agree it would be nice to have a flexible screen AND to get the keyboard out of the way?


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