The Working Relationship 



Frode Hegland has been asked by Doug Engelbart to function as editor and compiler of all relevant requirements for initially creating an early HyperScope (with integrated mailing list) with the evolutionary ability to grow to become a full OHS system to support evolving DKRs. This does not give Frode Hegland any editorial powers in the event of a dispute- any disagreements will have to be settled by Doug Engelbart himself.

Everyone involved are therefore asked to submit initial requirements to Frode Hegland via email ( He will then integrate the requirements into a coherent document while keeping the original contributions and attributions intact. Frode Hegland is also actively scouring the archives for any and all relevant OHS requirements.

Discussion will be encouraged as the Requirements Document moves from the initial version 1, through to version 2 and finally version 3, which will be due at the end of September 2002. The document will provide rudimentary comment functionality to allow contributors to add comments directly to paragraphs which will be optionally shown to subsequent readers and after final edit for the version which was commented on, included in that versions references.