Scenarios/Use Cases

OHSin support of a 40 person software development project, including coders, marketing etc. but not management.


Gathering Requirements

Building the software: Architecting & coding


Bug Testing



Actor: Customer
- business requirements
- Environment for the product (hardware, operating system, application server, language etc.)
- Validate technical requirements
- Tests product (beta)
- Develops applications with the product

Actor: Marketing
- Co-ordinates with customers
- Consolidates requirements from multiple customers
- Provides competitive information
- Defines positioning of the product

Actor: Development
- Convert Business Requirements to technical requirements
- Maintain a traceability matrix between customer needs and functions to be implemented
- Architecture
- Design
- Development
- Unit Testing
- Tool Selection

Actor: Testing
- Accepts product specifications and builds test scripts
- Module testing
- Regression Testing
- Load Testing
- Performance Testing
- Benchmarking

Actor: Documentation
- Specification
- Users Manuals
- Internal Manuals
- Help
- Tutorials

Actor: Support
- Provide support requirements for product development
- Participates in early testing of the product
- Provides supports
- Feedback on UI, Documentation=20
- Interacts with customers
- New features, bugs