Introduction to the Project


The Cynapse project is an effort to synthesize Doug Engelbart's current vision into a coherent, technically implementable and useful environment.

The project is concerned with capturing the specific requirements for his OHS' (Open Hyperdocument System) initial implementaion, called HyperScope and will, upon completion of a clear Requirements Document, be a valid candidate of a technical Spec. This could then be presented to various funders as a tangible project to support, with tangible, clearly laid out, benefits.

Expert evaluations will be carried out to test the systems viability on both a technical and user interface level.

The Cynapse Project is carried out as Frode Hegland's paper for his University College London Masters in HCI degree. The final version will be available mid to late 2002.


The scope of the project HYPERSCOPE is to implement a client (most likely through a Web Browser) which uses a server based intermediary to provide enhanced mobility (viewing and jumping) of legacy files on legacy servers (initially HTML). Links to and between legacy files will be supported.

The Hyperscope will give the user high mobility to move around in their knowledge base.

After the initial stage, editing facilities will be added, as will caching, families of view transcoders, families of translators as well as multiple user interfaces.