[SOURCE: Doug Engelbart]

Archives: 12th of July


Doug never pretends to know how to build the whole thing, he needs dialog. So we need to define some of the issues he needs dialog on:

Is IBM WBI a good candidate?
Being researched by Frode.

What are the pro's and con's of having the different components/functions on  a client or a server?
List to be generated by Frode for discussion.

How do you implant HyperScope in legacy files?
Doug's supposition, use live purple numbers.
What if it is a spreadsheet?
What about ot individual words in paragraphs?
Do you or do overlay?
Ie are legacy files refferd to as files in the world which the user cannot change and save, or are they files brought in to the ifile?

It would add to the value if you could in fact add hs functionality (addressability) in the actual legacy file.

viewing is not called editing. no modifying in version 1 when saving (v1) it is saved into ifile world.

How do you get the required speed for smooth mobility?

What formats needs to be legacy supported for versions 1 & 2.
depends on the early user experince. People involved in complex software project. So that means at a minumum: HTML, etc. Email? FIND OUT FROM GROUP. warner? XX

What are the potentially supported technologies/perspectives and when?

New name for iFile: istore? Or keep old? intermediary format iFormat As in when emails are moved accross, are they indivudual docs or the arcive?
iFormat is approved.

What attributes should be acessible, like date, link, etc?
All attr in orign doc. Some may never be useful and therefore not copied across.

Links ( functionality provided by a link process) "I need a quick a nd efficient way to determine what links point to this (doc or para) within a subset of authors/dates I am also only interested in a given subset of link types"
  Edited dates.
html crap

On the deepest level supported by the imported legacy document

Do we need to refer to a separate link db?
No. Just the finctionality. MAYBE that is the way to implement it. maybe not.

URL hs must include translator version.

How does Ted always have 2way links? Find out.