Web Intermediaries (WBI, pronounced "webby")

WBI is a programmable HTTP proxy that was designed to make it easy to develop and deploy intermediary applications on the web.

Aiming to produce a more powerful and flexible web, IBM has developed the concept of intermediaries. Intermediaries are computational entities that can be positioned anywhere along an information stream and are programmed to tailor, customize, personalize, or otherwise enhance data as they flow along the stream.

Transforming information from one form to another is sometimes called transcoding. Intermediaries, such as WBI, make good platforms for developing and deploying transcoding applications.

WBI's system requirements
WBI runs on any system for which Sun's Java 2 SDK is available.

Interacting with WBI
While WBI is running, you can interact with it two ways. Either via a command-line interface called the WBI console, or through the Graphical User Interface.

WBI database
WBI comes with a rudimentary database-like structure called an Section, which can store key-value pairs in a backend systems, such as a filesystem.

WBI distribution
The current distribution is for non-commercial use only. IBM is very interested in enabling new companies that use WBI intermediary technology.