HyperScope Diagram


The HyperScope is step one in the evolution of the OHS. It has been divided in a series of necessary initial requirements (Stage 1) and requirements which can wait a bit.

Stage 1: Enhanced viewing. Link db.
Stage 2: Editing. Caching (iFile). Families of Views. Families of Translators. Multiple (levels of) User Interface.

There is also an attempt at abstracting the HyperScope in order to not make any assumptions about what components should be on the client and which should be on the server. That needs to fall out of the requirements, not be prematurely decided. The abstraction also removes the name iFile as it may cause undue emphasis on 'file' as a means of storing (even temporaryinformation) information.

Dougs view of Stage 1   Dougs view of Stage 2

Abstracted View