Implicit Linking
[SOURCE: Doug Engelbart, interviews & OHS Draft document]


Example -- every word is implicitly linked to its definition in a dictionary; every special term is implicitly linked to its definition in that discipline's glossary; every instance of an object's name in a source-code file is implicitly linked to its imlementation code; ...; every pronoun is implicitly linked to its antecedent. Special "jump" commands can be provided which can operate as though the term in question is explicitly linked to the "implicitly linked" object. (Jump to Definition, ...)

Same file in multiple windows -- no real limit there -- simultaneously allowing different positioning and differnet viewing portrayals of a given file. Later, when editing of the Intermediary File will be offered, any legal edit operation executed in one window is reflected accurately and immediately in all other of that file's portrayal windows.

This flexibility in utilizing multiple windows has surprising value when users learn to make effective use of it.

A click in a given paragraph, not on an embedded link, would hoist that paragraph to the top of the window.