AD Ideas



Here are some of the ads we plan to run for Liquid Information Discussion Groups.













Just for fun, here are a couple of ads we thought of as an alternative to what Apple used to run.

We believe that the best way to write good software is to first write the ad, then the manuals, and from that spec and only then code. So we went ahead and dreamt a bit. We believe the most important challenge of our age is to make sure information environments live up to their potential to augment our intellects. The ads are meant to tease by hinting at possibilities.


There are two campaigns here, the first one, "it takes more than a computer to get you want done" is based on Steve Jobs view that people who uses Macintoshes do more than just work, they are special, creative, world changers.

The second, "less computer between you and your work" is more business oriented, saying that Mac's cause less hassle and lets you get more work done. World changing work that is of course...



it takes more than a computer to do what you want to do








less computer between you and your work

 If you don't like to fiddle with computers...



"When the computer gets out of the way..."